NEW & OLD IN 2017

Last year we asked for feedback on what you love about The Brewery Market, and how we could improve.
This is what we heard. 


Keep it Free and Easy!

We got big-ups for being laid-back and not charging admission. No frills, just great food and craft beer in beautiful, outdoor or unconventional indoor settings.


Keep it inclusive!

The Brewery Market is a huge hit with families. Keeping the event family-friendly is a must.


Offer sample sizes.

The Brewery Market has always fancied itself as more beer-garden vibe than a sampling event. But we get it— there are too many amazing choices. You want sample sizes so we’re offering two sizes this year.



The Brewery Market is committed to minimizing our environmental impact. Though our previous cups were compostable, many were thrown in the trash. This year we’ll be moving to 100% reusable cups and biodegradable food packaging.



We'll make some calls.